Kit for ‘Christmas Angel x3/Santa Gnome x2’

Kit for ‘Christmas Angel x3/Santa Gnome x2’


Contents of kit:

5pks papier mache cones [H 20cm, 6x6x6cm B], 5 polystyrene heads, 4  small polystyrene balls, wooden skewer, paverpol transparent 500gr, Paverpol Bronze 250gr, Pavercolour red / white, paverplast, paversand white, pavercotton, 3 metal rings, 3 rods 23cm, wooden  spatula, 3 sheets of A4 white card, wool for beard, hogshair paintbrush and set of detailed instructions with images.

[This kit makes 3 angels and 2 Santa Gnomes]


You will need:

Bronze /gold/white/black/red acrylic paint, plastic gloves, apron, plastic clothes pegs, small 100% white cotton t-shirt, 3 small plastic bowls for mixing, sand/small pebbles to fill cones for weight, a base, items to decorate [optional].



Now is the time to think about creating your own gifts for friends and family.

This kit is an ideal kick start to get your ‘creative juices’ flowing!