Kit for ‘Elegant Standing Lady’ sculpture

Kit for ‘Elegant Standing Lady’ sculpture


Contents of Kit:

Paverpol Bronze 500gr, Armature with oval polystyrene head [40/60cm], Metal stand 30cm, Masking tape,Wrappers for head and upper body, [pre cut] 

 Stockinette, Paverplast 100gr, Skewer, hogshair brush,

Full set of illustrated instructions with tips and advice on using Paverpol.

You will need:

100% white cotton t-shirt, Tinfoil, Bronze acrylic paint, plastic gloves and apron.

Any accessories to decorate your Lady, eg dried flowers, ribbons, bows, etc.


Have you ever tried Paverpol before or is this your first introduction to an amazing product?

Well Urney Creations has compiled this ‘all you need’ kit which includes a very simple easy-to-follow illustrated instruction booklet for 

complete novices and of course those of you who wish to improve on your skills and creative talents. You will be amazed

at the reaction when you show your bespoke creation to friends and family. 

Enjoy and share your new found hobby!