The Eco-Committee at St Colmcille’s P.Sc. Claudy make a large bird sculpture for their garden!

What a great bunch of kids, all full of energy and enthusiasm and ready to create a sculpture from recycled t-shirts to enhance their Interactive Learning Area in their school grounds.

After a brief ‘Creative Chat’ it was decided to make a large Blue Heron – a bird native to their surroundings. The children very quickly settled into a creative team….all doing different tasks but with a final goal – A Large Blue Heron!

Take a look at their photos below to gain an insight into their day. So proud of you all….what a creation!

Many thanks to Caroline for all your assistance….you were a star! And to Mrs. Briege O’ Neill, Principal for the invitation to facilitate the workshop.

Hope to visit your wonderful school again for another Urney Creations Experience!


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