Letterkenny Floral Society Workshop March 2014

‘Sure guess my age Gloria!’.  My goodness I didn’t know how to answer this one! ‘In your early 70’s’ says I with trepidation. At this point she rolls her eyes and takes a great belly laugh….’Sure I’m nearly 84 years young this year’.

Taken aback with amazement I gave her a big smile and replied..’ I hope I am as adventurous and up-for-it at your age! ..just goes to show….you are never too old to paverpol!!

This group of  ‘Golden Years Ladies’…with a few exceptions of course,   taught me a thing or two….life is for living…grasp it with both hands and try something new at every opportunity….I salute you all!!

Just look at their creations….SOOOOO PROUD!

Thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and with Gods blessing our paths will hopefully cross in the future….next workshop is Level 2 – Standing Lady. Up for the challenge ladies??

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