‘Soaring with Emotions’ Sculpture – AMH Enniskillen, July 2017

The task was to create an outdoor sculpture for the recently completed Serenity Garden at the AMH Horizons venue at Enniskillen.

So with a brief brainstorm and many cups of coffee later we all set to creating our masterpiece. The plan was to make a tall metal structure with soaring circles spiralling┬áto a point. Another circle would be placed at the top with a figure┬árelaxing in a heart shape. The whole structure would hold 25 figures representing the 25th Anniversary of the Association. All the figures would be connected to each other as they climb the structure. This symbolises Teamwork at AMH. Everyone helping everyone else going through challenges, as we do in life. Circling the base of the sculpture will be birds in flight, representing freedom – we take flight with fear but we also soar high with our emotions!

This was quite a challenging task. Once everyone settled into the creative mode, the rewards were immense – our sculpture was taking shape! After many hours of creativity we managed to complete our Masterpiece!

I would like to thank Caroline and Mary for all their support throughout this event. But the final words of appreciation must go to all those involved in its creation. Each and everyone of you were amazing!

Looking forward to seeing the official ‘Installation’ in the not too distant future folks!

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