Workshop at Oakgrove Integrated College with a very creative group of students!

Always a pleasure to be invited yet again to Oakgrove Integrated College to facilitate ‘An Urney Creations Experience!’

The students always show such enthusiasm and become totally engrossed in the creative process. Despite never having worked with Paverpol before, this group amazed me with their unique sculptures.

It is always refreshing to watch the youth challenge themselves.

Creativity is about expressing ourselves. It is about trying new things and new ways of being. Creativity involves being imaginative and original.

The creative process is useful for many reasons, including: developing confidence in ourselves; developing good relationships with those we are being creative with; finding out what our talents and strengths are and increasing our positive emotion. In short, the creative process helps us flourish by teaching us about who we are, what we love and what we can give to the world.

The vision of Oakgrove is to promote this within their students. I congratulate the Principal,  Jill Markham for giving her students this opportunity and to their Art & Design teacher Gemma Kelly for the invitation to facilitate the workshop.

Well done to all the participating students…..your creativity knows no boundaries!

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