Masterclass Workshop – The Alley, Strabane, March 2016

WOW….we did it again….we created outstanding Masterpieces for our homes and gardens!

Blue Heron, Ribbon Dancers and Wee Paddy! Unfortunately the Ribbon Dancers did not have their ribbons attached for final photo due to difficulty in transportation but they were made and ready to attach once at their destination! Everyone worked really hard within the 2 days to complete their creations. We had fun, laughter and at times a little exasperation during the Creative Process! But true to all….their bespoke pieces became their ‘Outstanding Masterpieces!’

I hope you all enjoyed your Urney Creations Experience and perhaps we will see you again in the not too distant future!

Huge Congratulations to Marie McNamara on completion of her CPI [Certified Paverpol Instructors’ Accreditation]. Spread the word Marie and enjoy sharing Paverpol with many far and wide!!


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