‘On The Rip’ / ‘Don’t Look Back’ Art Installation- AMH, Enniskillen

It was refreshing and indeed amazing to visit AMH, in Enniskillen yesterday. They all have been working on a very unique project – with bucket loads of PAVERPOL! Under the watchful eye of Caroline, Mary and the team, a unique project was undertaken.

“On the Rip” is a unique art project funded by PHA through the Clear project, which uses a car art medium to tackle the local lad/ ladette culture of young people going out at weekends “on the rip”

The project has challenged attitudes to drug and alcohol use, drink driving and road safety.

“Don’t Look Back “ is a mixed media art installation created by the young people on our BOOST programme.

Using a car art medium, the art piece captures the fun and happiness of positive emotional well- being, with the front of the car emblazoned with positive imagery, from which a lifesize sculpture of a  dancing young man and woman emerge.

In stark contrast , the back of the car conveys all the negativity of poor metal health , and captures the haunted, tormented experience associated with it.  A 3d art piece behind the car, with snakes and demons and tormentors completes the art installation, and aptly illustrates why our young people are advising that you  “ Don’t Look Back”

So keep your eyes opened on The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Enniskillen to view this masterpiece.

Well done to all – so proud of your enthusiasm and energy in using such a wonderful medium  as PAVERPOL!!

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